Tech Survey

From iPads to Androids to cloud providers, technology evolves oh-so-fast, and FP’s annual tech survey reveals that advisor technology usage is changing rapidly too. Before the iPad, it was inconceivable that advisors – who are notoriously slow to adopt new technologies – would gravitate to a new and, to many, a foreign technology. But they have. In less than two years, nearly 40% of respondents own a tablet. Yet it’s taken a bit more than two years for Windows 7 to overtake Windows XP as the leading operating system among advisors.

When Financial Planning conducted its annual tech survey in 2007 – almost 300 advisors participated that year, compared with a record 3,200 this year – the markets were entering what would become the darkest period since the Great Depression. Operationally, the next few years exposed serious deficiencies at many financial firms, leading to the heightened interest in technology.

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